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Dragon Riders unite under their new emblem! (x)


gonna watch gotg tomorrow! i cant waitttt

I just.. I just love him.

B is for…Disney! Little somethin’ somethin’ for a somethin’.
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Ma boi Scott killin it for Disney!


Advice for artists…

1. Go to an art school that doesn´t cost too much. Those who go to Yale and Columbia might get a nine-month career bump right after graduation, but you´ll all be back on the same level in a year, and you won´t be in as much debt.

2. Envy will eat you alive.

3. Stay up late with each other after all the professors go to sleep. Support one another.

4. You can´t think your way through an art problem. As John Cage said: “Work comes from work.”

5. Follow your obsessions. If you love the Cubs that much, maybe they need to be in your work.

6. Don´t take other people´s ideas of skill. Do brain surgery with an axe.

7. Don´t define success by money, but by time.

8. Do not let rejection define you.

9. Don´t worry about getting enough sleep. Worry about your work.

10. Be delusional. It´s okay to tell yourself you´re a genius sometimes.


Jerry Saltz (via marcellomercado)


"Dog Problems" By The Format
Classic song from The Format, and the sonic predecessor to many a FUN. song. A lively tune who’s title I took quite literally for today’s drawing.
If you haven’t listened to The Format in a while or ever, go buy an album or two, or get your hipster friend to lend you their CDs

I forgot how much I loved doing this drawing. I need to get back to Playlist Illustrated. Should I start a new tumblr for that?


it’s okay to not know what you want from life!!!! it’s okay to not know your future!!! it’s okay to take time off and spend time with yourself!!! it’s okay to be undefinable!! you owe an explanation to absolutely no one!!!!!!!!!


And this is how you waste an hour finessing a couple anchor points to be in the “perfect” location to get those smooth curves. It could use more work, but just wanted to show basic anchor point placement and structure. Horizontal, vertical, or 45 degrees is the way to go 😎

Listen to this man. He knows what he is talking about!